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The Danger of Free-mixing with Non-Mahram Women

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen(may Allaah have mercy on him): Question: Muslim women and their daughters in western countries where there are Muslim minorities face very difficult circumstances in that education and work are mixed environments. We are caught between two possibilities. Either we cut-off our provision, stay at home and beg and as a result sink […]

The ruling on women wearing tight clothing around relatives and other women

Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan حفظه الله Question: (The questioner) says: Noble Shaykh, may Allaah grant you success, what is the ruling on the women wearing tight clothing in front of the woman’s relatives, similarly (wearing them) in front of other women at a get-together? Answer: It is not permissible for the woman to wear tight clothing […]

Women traveling without a mahram

Women traveling without a mahram Source: Women traveling without a mahram Translated by: Umar Abu Shu’ayb Our Noble Sheikh Yahyaa Ibn ‘Alee Al-Hajooree الله يحفظه was asked: Question: Is it permissible for the woman to travel with other women when they have no mahram with them? And what is your refutation on the one who says that this […]

The ruling on someone who mocks a Muslim woman wearing the proper Islamic Hijab (veil)

Question: What is the ruling on someone who mocks a Muslim woman wearing the proper Islamic Hijab (veil) or describes her as being a ghost or a moving tent and other such insulting words? Answer: Anyone who mocks a Muslim man or woman for adhering to the Islamic Shari‘ah (Law) is a Kafir (disbeliever). This […]


Allaah says: “O Prophet (saw)! Tell your wives and your daughters and the believing women to cast their jilbaabs upon themselves (i.e. their bodies). Thats is better, that they should be known so as not to be bothered. And Allaah is Ever Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Al-Ahzaab: 59] Ibn ‘Abbaas said: “Allaah has commanded the […]


  First of all you should take a gradual approach to acquiring Islamic knowledge. For each branch of knowledge there are specific books. The first thing you should study should be ‘aqeedah (basic tenets of faith, doctrine), then the sciences which will help you to understand the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger […]

Swadaqallahul alleem

Shaikh swaalih al uthymeen rahimahullah Praise be to Allaah. Many people have the habit of ending a recitation from the Qur’aan with the words “Sadaqa Allaahu al-‘Azeem (Almighty Allaah has spoken the truth),” but this has no basis in Islam because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not do it, […]